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Mesh array issue


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I have a scene created on 3dsmax containing about 60 objects.




but when I convert it to .babylon, I find just 11 meshes in the array 


and when I select their names:


I get many names in just one string:


# Right_Pillar_2Box15Box17Right_Pillar_1Right_Pillar_3Box03Box40Box41Box42Box43Box44Box45Box05



these are many objects but when I click on one of them, I get the above string containing many objects names. So I think it is merging the meshes.


You can try it live as well.


I need to get every object as a separate mesh. I have to apply textures to them, and then select them on click event. Kindly help me to solve this problem.

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I use .obj exporter. Because .fbx gives me errors of geometry objects, and I am using 3dsmax 2010.


FBX settings:




The error:


Error 1:



Error 2:



You can see the errors are on the planes also, 


And when I set simple diffuse texture to the objects, the online babylon converter gives the error in the output file:


Device is not ready.


 Thats why I was trying to set textures at runtime.


I also downloaded the latest version of .fbx for 3dsmax 2010, but still the same results.


Here is the .babylon file converted from .obj file:



original object names are:

But it has converted them to just one object.


They has been merged at the time of conversion to .babylon. Every thing was fine in the .obj file.


Please look into this matter.

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I wrote the .obj importer long time ago but as far as I can remember I think I tried to reduce the number of objects by merging objects sharing the same material:

Here is the code:



Perhaps you should use the fbx importer to get rid of this problem

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