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Load images individually


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I'm creating a scrollable list of images, I need to be able to individually load and unload each image according to whether it's currently within the viewport or not.

PIXI loader is not good for this case because I need to wait for it to finish loading every time before I can load more images, which results in an async operation.


What comes to my mind is to create my own images loader:

1) Load individual images by creating img element and setting src

2) Once an image is loaded - create from it base texture

3) From base texture - create texture


Would that be the best way to achieve what I need or would it be reinventing the wheel?

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Good to see it's already been done :) I'll probably use Texture.fromImage().

In order to destroy a specific texture and its base texture, other than calling texture.destroy(true), would I also need to do:

delete PIXI.utils.TextureCache[key];
delete PIXI.utils.BaseTextureCache[key];

In other words, how do I make sure I completely free all memory related to a specific image?

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