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Spine-TS Support, Need Bug Fixing Help


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Hey guys,

Seems like phaser-spine's spine-ts branch is now working including WebGL, however, advanced features like triangle animation and paths need further testing. There are hidden bugs and quirks that need to be figured out too.


Phaser-Spine Project: https://github.com/orange-games/phaser-spine

Spine-TS Branch: https://github.com/orange-games/phaser-spine/tree/spine-ts

I've managed to find some of them, maybe some of you guys can help with bug discovery and/or fixing because these things keep it barely if not usable.

Phaser-Spine Issues Page: https://github.com/orange-games/phaser-spine/issues


Recent Bugs Found:

> Unable to control alpha of spine object through the .alpha property of the spine object itself or its parent group.

  -Observations: If alpha is set to 0, the spine object disappears, otherwise, there's no way to control the alpha settings like before. When adjusting the game.world.alpha, this seem to affect it (but the alpha affects everything on stage).

  -More Info: https://github.com/orange-games/phaser-spine/issues/73

> Group Container and Root X,Y misalignment issues

  -Observations: X Seems to be easier to center to 0, but Y is just buggy. In WebGL, the Y value needs to be flipped, unless you move the root to 0,0 in the Spine Editor

  -More Info: https://github.com/orange-games/phaser-spine/issues/72

- [FIXED] CreateCombinedSkins function not working

  -OK, need testing I think.

- [FIX PROPOSAL] Multipage Texture feature only using the first texture image

  -Observations: Need more elegant fix. Right now, the proposed fix tells phaser-spine to load up to X number of pages whether they exist or not.

  -More Info: https://github.com/orange-games/phaser-spine/issues/70

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