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WebGL2 occlusion queries


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It's probably just my old system but looking at the PG example, in Chrome the background is always blue and in Firefox the background is always green and sphere is never visible. Checking WebGL Report (http://webglreport.com/?v=2) my Chrome reports it doesn't support WebGL2 (even though I've set that particular experimental flag) and in Firefox it says it supports WebGL2.

My system is an old Dell XPS17 with Geforce GT555M and latest drivers.

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@Deltakosh Strange that Chrome allows me to enable WebGL2 successfully and using latest nvidia drivers but I guess my old hardware just isn't up to snuff. I tried FF 54.0.1 and latest 55.0.3 (32-bit) so if it's a browser bug, it hasn't been fixed yet. I'm putting it all down to my old hardware for now. Will revisit the WebGL2 goodness when I have a new PC. Thanks.

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Hmm, all 3 Browsers (FF,chrome,edge) are not reacting properly. Edge sometimes changes from blue to green but sphere wasn't visible, can't reproduce anymore.

FF and chrome always green.

Changing position of sphere from 1 to 2 causes crash on FF and chrome. ;(






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