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Simulate outcome of physics object movement


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I'm new to Babylon.js and Game Development in General.

I've started a project on a dice simulation, where I generate a random dice roll result in JavaScript and visualize it as physics enabled dice being thrown and displaying the predefined result!

Current status: I have a 6 sided dice object(Box) with BABYLON.DynamicTextures on them for the numbers. This object is instanced as often as needed and thrown from the same position and same rotation quaternion. 

My problem now is that I want to display the precalculated roll result on the dice, but as of right now it is "random". I thought I could solve this issue by rolling the dice invisible, determine with raycasts which side is up, put the textures on the right position and repeat the animation. But the problem is that as I repeat the animation the dice roll on different sides, so I can't really use this method...

My question is now, is there a way to determine the outcome of a physics enabled dice movement, so I can apply the textures correctly?

Thanks in advance!

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