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PBR Glossy vs. Metallic


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Hello all,

I'm almost finished with my PBRComposer, but I have a question about reflection of the Skybox: in the glossy model changing the environment-blurriness  also changes the blurriness of the material reflection/refraction whereas in the metallic model the blurriness of the environment is not regarded. Can someone confirm that this conforms to the metallic model and is not a bug? IMHO the environment blurriness cannot be skipped away...

The following images shows a scene (fingerprints on a glass sphere with some mictosurface and some direct light) with exact the same material parameters (only glossy/metallic texture difference) and with a environment blurriness 0f 0.15. Can you see the difference?

thanks in advance

PS: Both, the reflection and the refraction does not reflect the environment blurriness in the metalic model




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I'm sorry, my mistake: besides some understanding problems I had a refresh problem with my glossy (microsurface) parameter.

So lets summarize: the HDRCubeTexture, which is used as reflectionTexture is not blurred, but the DefaultSkybox can be blurred.

The PBR-parameters are responsible for the blurriness, in metallic model it is the metallic/roughness parameters, in specular model it is the glossiness parameter. The skybox can individually be blurred.

So at the moment everything is explainable, question is resolved.


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