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pickInfo in Action callbacks params


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Hi everybody:

I have a doubt on registered Actions, is possible to retrieve the pickedPoint from the callback parameter?

I mean something like we have with Observables via the "d" param (d.pickInfo.pickePoint), in order to avoid to implement always the pick-result-check as shown in the following code (excerpt):

myMesh.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickDownTrigger,function(evt){
  var pickResult=scene.pick(scene.pointerX,scene.pointerY);

Best regards.

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Hi again, PR.  Did you do a console.dir(pickResult) to see what cool properties are on that object?  I'm pretty sure that pickResult is a "pickingInfo"-class object.  Notice that it has a property named .pickedPoint, as well as a few other useful toys.  So, pickResult.pickedPoint should work for you.  Hope this helps.  Holler back, as wanted.  Mark thread as solved, if you're good-to-go.  :)  thx.

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Hi Wingnut, and thanks for your time:

Well I know Observable's constructor callback "data" parameter ("d" parameter if you prefer) exposes a pickerPoint property via pickInfo object, but my question or doubt is about availability of this same info from Actions without retrieving it through scene.pick(...).

Best regards.

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This should work :) (I use this sentence a little bit too often recently :))

So based on this:


You can see that the action is build with the pickedMesh, And if you dig further you will see that the event is actually stuffed with all you need:




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