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Solid Particle System addShape after creation


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Is it possible to call addShape on a Solid Particle System after creation?  

For example, I am using the following playground example: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2BXZC#2  I am modifying it so only one shape is spawned in the beginning and whenever that particle touches the ground I want it to spawn a new one (as well as reset the old one).  I have tried adding a addShape call within the "recycle if touched the ground" if statement, but it errors out every time.

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For now, you can't add shapes nor particles once the call to .buildMesh().

You have to fill your SPS with all the expected shapes and particles, then disable or hide (alive = false or isVisible = false) the unneeded ones until you need them back. This way is quite performant because dead or invisible particles aren't processed.

I intend to add the ability to extend the SPS one created in a decent delay (currently working on a prototype of SPS with concurrency using workers and sharedArrayBuffers to check if it's worth it, what requires a deep refactor to replace arrays of objects by arrays of floats only)

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