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This question might sound a bit naive (i am new to web programming), but how do you guys load game specific files using typescript?

E.g. i would like to load a textfile line by line and process it. Where does my file need to be located?

In a game, there might be many many custom files which need to be loaded.

Any examples are welcome :)

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Just for clarification, are the game files (text files, data, etc.) treated to be local or serverside?

Let's say i got some AI-data in a text file and want to read and process it in my game using babylon.js,

How would i do this in my game code (especially in typescript)? Most tutorials i found on web (google "parse with typescript ...") seems to require to pick the file with a selector.

The other ones deal with javascript and loading files with ajax.

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You could just use the framework.  BABYLON.Tools.LoadFile  could be used when all you have is a Url  (file:// for explicit local files, or just relative path for local or web).  I use it in the utility page to build a custom framework.  I am actually using a select in lines 34-36 to pick the url.  I am reading a javascript file, but hey thats a text file.  Use string split() to process it line in line chunks once it in memory.


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