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Working with Events in PIXIjs


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Hey :D


Is anyone here familiar with AS3? I have a situation where I want to dispatch an event (non interaction).   For example, imagine an apple falling.  I want to say:

if (apple.hitGround)
      this.dispatchEvent( blah..... )

How does one do something similar in PIXI?  My Apple extends PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer. 

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I do not really understand the EventTarget.js class. 


The MrDoob class is 404. I can only appear to find EventDispatcher.js and the example in the source does not make much sense to me.  

So back to an example, I have an Apple. 

Inside the constructor of the Apple, I would want to call:

PIXI.EventTarget.call(this); //mixes in event target stuff

And doing this would give Apple the ability to dispatch/add/remove events?

In the global space containing my Apple.....

this._apple.addEventListener(type, someFunction)

And back in the apple:



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