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Computer keeps drawing square.


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So I'm testing out collision and keyboard input right now and my application looks like this:



When I press and WASD key, I get this:



As you can see, it keeps drawing the square over and over. Here is my code:

function gameLoop(timeStamp) {
  var delta = timeStamp - (lastTime || timeStamp);
      player.x -= player.speed * delta;
      player.x += player.speed * delta;
      player.y -= player.speed * delta;
      player.y += player.speed * delta;
  lastTime = timeStamp;
  canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");
  ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
  playerObject = ctx.fillRect(player.x, player.y, player.width, player.height);
  collisionObject = ctx.fillRect(collisionBox.x, collisionBox.y, collisionBox.width, collisionBox.height);
  collision(player, collisionBox);

You might wonder 'okay, just take the playerObject and collisionObject out of the loop'. Actually, it isn't that easy. If I did do that, ctx.fillRect would be undefined. If I took took the canvas and ctx code out, the screen won't update. If I took the code from the canvas line to the collisionObject line, nothing would happen.


How am I supposed to fix this?

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