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Collide Only With Left Or Right Bounds


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How do I get the body to only collide with left or right bounds? I am using arcade physics and tried to convert this over with from a post using a different physics system.

'function createPreviewBounds(x, y, w, h) {
    var sim = game.physics.arcade;
    customBounds.left = new Phaser.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ x, y ], angle: 1.5707963267948966 });
    customBounds.left.addShape(new Plane());
    customBounds.right = new Phaser.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ x + w, y ], angle: -1.5707963267948966 });
    customBounds.right.addShape(new Phaser.Plane());
    // customBounds.right.shapes[0].collisionGroup = mask;

    customBounds.top = new Phaser.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ x, y ], angle: -3.141592653589793 });
    customBounds.top.addShape(new Phaser.Plane());
    // customBounds.top.shapes[0].collisionGroup = mask;

    customBounds.bottom = new Phaser.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ x, y + h ] });
    customBounds.bottom.addShape(new Phaser.Plane());
    // customBounds.bottom.shapes[0].collisionGroup = mask;

I wrote this code were I wanted to createPreviewBounds

'//create bounds
    var bounds = new Phaser.Rectangle(100, 100, 400, 400);
    customBounds = { left: null, right: null, top: null, bottom: null };
    createPreviewBounds(bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height);'

I cannot seem to find the right constructor.




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Arcade Physics bodies collide only with the World bounds and with other bodies. So I think your options are

  1. Use collideWorldBounds=true
  2. Use 4 blank, physics-enabled sprites to form a rectangle
  3. Create a Phaser.Rectangle and write your own collision method
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