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Shadow not showing with DirectionalLight


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Hey everyone,

I am trying to add a basic shadow in scene with directionnalLight but it doesn't seem to work after all kind of tests.

I tried to get inspiration from other playgrounds : 

And I even went in the source code of this great example : 

I create one that is not working and where I can't see the difference with other scenes : https://playground.babylonjs.com/#TWANP3 

It seems very basic but I just can't see the problem.

Thanks, Pichou

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Hey Deltakosh,

OK very basic indeed!

I have another question still linked to shadows. I have tested the worldmonger project to show a degraded ground but I can't manage to make the shadows working on this ground contrary to normal groundMaterial.
I saw that the worldmonger ground material use material effects and matrix to build the ground. Do you know if there is a way to had shadows to this system?



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You mean that I will have to manually update the shaders?

What I want exatly is the ground to receiveShadows like with a normal BABYLON.StandardMaterial but using the WORLDMONGER.GroundMaterial ! ;) 

I have read some of the effect doc used by worldmonger (https://doc.babylonjs.com/classes/3.0/effect), but if you know a simpler way, it would be awesome.

Bye, Pichou

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The exact property was particle.renderingGroupId. 

By setting to 1, now the particles are in front of every other mesh, which I don't want, I want the particles to be in front of shadows only. Can I rendered shadow just before particles?

I tried different number of  renderingGroupId for both particles and shadowOnly to do that but it didn't work because it creates rendering conflicts with the other meshes.

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Hello again,

I tried to do that deltakosh but it didn't work. I think I a m stuck! :/
Let me explain, I have 4 layers : ground, shadow, mesh and particles. I need my particles to be behind everything except the shadow.

Let's assume these rendering number for these 3 layers : ground:1, shadow:2, particle:3
Then the shadow is in front of the ground and the particles in the front of the shadow : good. But the particles are also in front of the ground and are still shown even when they are under the ground which I don't want.

So I try these rendering number for each layer : ground:1, shadow:2, particle:1
Now the particles disappear behing the ground again. But as the shadow is rendering after, the particles are hidden from the shadow when I want them to be in front the shadow.

With every configuration I have an issue. I have made a playground to make the test easyer : https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WEQHTG
The renderingGroupId are at the end of the code.

Let me know if any of you have come up with something! ;)

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The reason is I am working with WORLDMONGER.GroundMaterial : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Website/blob/master/Scenes/WorldMonger/Shaders/Ground/groundMaterial.js

It allows me to build the ground as I want with multimaterial but this ground doesn't receive Shadow. So I have to use the shadowOnly extension as suggested by deltakosh.

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Hey everybody,

I have the exact same problem with a material which use FresnelParameters. The mesh's material goes in front of particles when the mesh is actually behind it.

Maybe both shadowOnly and this problem are linked?

Here is a playground : https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WEQHTG#5

Would be awesome to have a solution!!!!


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OK I would rather say even with the classic shadowGenerator we have the same problem! ;)

See without the fresnelParameter we have the expected behavior : https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WEQHTG#8
Particles are in front of the ground but are not visible when they get behind the groud : logic!

But in your playground the particles are always visible even when they get behind the ground : https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WEQHTG#7
And you can play with the renderingGrounpId but you won't get the expected behavior like in the first playground above.

Same issue I had with shadowOnly.

So I am not saying the problem comes from shadowOnly but as the problem also appear with fresnelParameter, maybe there is a link that could help you resolve this!

Cheers, Pichou

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I did it once with worlmonger so he could receive light, fog, ambiant color and shadows and others. what i had done was to merge the worldmongerMaterial with the standardMaterial and merge the worldmonger shader and standardMateriel shader.

It was a lot of work, but I ended up succeeding. but with the babylon changes that ended up no longer working because the architecture of the shaders has changed a lot, so i stop using worldmonder and is creating my terrain editor using customMateriel. 

My terrain editor can receive mountain, slope/ramps, hole ... and up to Paint 8 different textures (more than worlmonger :D)

See : https://bitbucket.org/JSbabylon/terraineditor

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