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Game cycle, optimisation and FPS


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Been reading about basic game function, engine, cycles, FPS and refresh rate and now wondering how Phaser manages all of these, if at all.

Game design is usually enabled so that the game cycle and FPS do not interfere with other too much so code works the same (aka similar playability but with varying graphical experiences) for different systems of ranging capacity. But I have not read anything about this optimisation for Phaser games. Is this because the frame rate is controlled by refresh rate of the web browser used by the player and therefore out of design control?

I have been reading Phaser game code on different sites and nowhere have I seen this optimisation implemented. While surfing I actually came across a site with a series of playable examples and associated coding (minor snippets really and minimal graphics) which seemed to stall and were jerky during play. This was in stark contrast to all my other experiences with Phaser code examples. I was using a Samsung Tab A at the time. So the question above came to mind much later as the dust was settling after a session of hunting out information.

So how does Phaser deal with the above and optimisation for a multitude of systems of varying capacity?

Does it 'sleep' in between cycles when CPU calculations are not required to conserve battery power?


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