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Game crashes when adding sprite to a group


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Game crashes with this error after adding a sprite to a group.


Uncaught Error: [object Object]addChildAt: The index 2 supplied is out of bounds 0
    at c.Group.d.DisplayObjectContainer.addChildAt (phaser.min.js:3)
    at c.Group.add (phaser.min.js:3)
    at game_name.Network.socketOnMessage (Network.js:172)

I need to add a sprite to specific index of a group.

var entity = game.add.sprite(x, y, (teamId == 1 ? "a" : (teamId == 2 ? "b" : "c"))+"_"+skinId);
entity.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5);

entity.body.angle = angle;
if (teamId != 0){
	entity.body.setCollisionCategory(teamId == 1 ? 2 : 3);

if (name){
	entity.nametag = game.add.text(entity.x, entity.y - 35, name, { font: "16px Ubuntu", fontWeight:'bold', fill: "#ffffff", stroke:'#000000', strokeThickness:2.5, wordWrapWidth: entity.width, align: "center"});

entity.data.entityId = entityId;
entity.data.teamId = teamId;

if (entityId == user.entityId){
	if (teamId == 2){
		entity.body.setCategoryContactCallback(2, game.state.getCurrentState().onPlayerHit);

game_name.entities.add(entity, false, entityId);

I even tried using addAt, it doesn't work either.


Is this a bug?

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I've found another problem, sprite became invisible when you add it to a group.

Game.js (create):

game_name.entities = this.add.group();

Network.js is the same as the first post (except group.add, i only call it with sprite now.)


Edit: It's because group was created in another state, i've fixed it.

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