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Solid Particle system questions


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I have several questions about SPS @jerome.

I would like to build a solid particle editor. Perhaps I am wrong, but I feel that there are some possibilities missing.

  • - The particle.direction2 and particle.direction2 of the particles. (is it particle.velocity ???)
  • - their lifespan (particle.minLifeTime, particle.maxLifeTime)
  • - something like particle.manualEmitCount
  • - their colors just before it dies particle.colorDead
  • - minEmitPower and minEmitPower
  • - SPS.Stop() or SPS.Pause() and SPS.Play()

I would like to be able to redo as for the 2d particle but using Solid Particle (SPS)

Thank you for your help.

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SolidParticle.prototype.direction1 = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero();

should do the job ...

Then each newly created particle object is set with a Vector3 as direction1 property. If you implement an emiter (not existing with the SPS in purpose), you can then set each particle direction1 the way you want.

To answer the first question : the velocity is a Vector3 designed to store the particle velocity, meaning its direction scaled by its speed. This can be used to move the particle this way : position.addInPlace( velocity ) as we can imagine that the user would want to animate the particles...

but it can be used for any other usage if you want. The SPS has no default behavior by design. It can be used to animate particles or to build aggregated immobile objects also or to simply build a complex mesh and to access its subparts.


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