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I'm receiving spam to email address used on this forum


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I noticed that since February, I've been receiving spam directed at the email address I used to sign up on this forum.

The email address is unique and I haven't used it on any other website. I'm wondering why this is.

Has there been a breach on this website? Has anyone else been getting spam to the email used on this website?

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Just to add, a similar thing happened to me a few years ago with Dropbox -- suddenly I started receiving tons of spam to a unique email address I only used on Dropbox.

Then later it was revealed that their user information was hacked back in 2012.

So I'm a bit worried that something similar has happened here. It doesn't make sense that out of the blue I'm getting spam to an email address that's only used on HTML 5 Game Devs.

Anyway, I changed my password and email to another unique address just in case.

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