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Need help from fellow Dutch people


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Hey, everyone!

Are there any Dutch folks? I need very basic voice-over for my game. The script will be like - A is for Apple, B is for Balloon and so on.

But since I never heard Dutch speech in my life, I'm afraid that I will choose someone with accent or whatnot. It has happened before with Spanish voice actor.

So could you please help to choose a voice performer with proper, clear Dutch pronunciation?

Here is the list - https://www.fiverr.com/search/gigs?utf8=✓&locale=en&query=dutch%2Bvoice&search_in=category&category=12&sub_category=16

Thanks in advance!

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Hi qdrj,


I am a native dutch speaker and I will be happy to help you out here. :)

the first six actors are all fine, except for eveline87. She is Flamish and would be ideal for a voice over for the Belgium market. All other voice actors speak dutch without an accent. 

i think you will be fine with each individual one of them.



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I'm Dutch as well and I agree that most are fine, even #7 ('gertjanvstralen') who is the most 'regional' of the first 8 - going by his sample audio, he's from the northeast of the Netherlands (you can sort of vaguely tell by his 'r' when he says 'morgenavond' for the first time) but I have no trouble at all understanding him. So the only one to be hesitant about is the Flemish/Belgian one (the 1st), I personally can understand her without trouble but others from the Netherlands might not.

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