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Strange Black Hole phenomenon with plane dimension calculations


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Sorry for the title but I can't think of a better way to explain what is happening. Basically it's like there is some gravitational force on the left side of my screen, which is causing CERTAIN mesh calculations to appear incorrectly. I.E., my planes show up at the right place on screen, hover trigger actions fire as the mesh is entered by the mouse at the correct position.

What isn't working is: renderOutline = true, along with children action planes which I dynamically display when the mesh is hovered on -- And as far as I can tell, whatever is causing renderOutline=true to show incorrectly, seems to be the same thing affecting the hovers. (also,  dynamicEdgesRendering works fine, but render outline does not?)

Much easier to show via screenshots:


^ Each card on board with renderOutline = true

As you can see, as the meshes get closer to the left side of the screen, the further left the outline is pulled.


^ With enableEdgesRendering = true , calculation seems perfect here


And finally, the dilemma. These are the hover planes I was talking about. Basically, when a card is hovered on, I pull out a plane which is parented to the card_on_board_plane,

x_offset = card_on_board_plane.width - 0.5 (because I need to track when the actions plane is hovered on to keep it open, so it SHOULD be showing up just before the right edge of the plane) - So card #3 in the picture is unable to have its actions activated

But the problem seems to apply to my scene as a while, i.e. - each card has a hover state (as you can see in last picture as well) - But even if I hover on a card which is in the players hand (I pull the hover states left of the absolute position of the card being hovered on), and that card is on the left side of the screen, the hover state gets pulled further left than if I hover on the right side of the screen.

Given that renderOutline seems to be exposing the underlying issue (and enableEdgesRendering is showing dimensions being calculated perfectly), whatever it may be, I'm hoping there is a simple explanation for what I am seeing, or something dumb I am doing that is causing it.

Anyone have any idea?'


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