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Pixijs free sprites atlas packer


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Hello everyone! 

I've been release my own atlas packer for pixijs.

It's fast and easy to use command line tool. You can try it and send me your beedback.

Main features:

- scaling for multiple dimenstions
- alpha trimming
- multisheet textures if not all sprites could be allocated into a single texture
- png, jpg - texture format
- texture size limit
- sprites border to avoid render artefacts

Platforms: MacOS, Windows


Download from: https://github.com/Gaikov/GameTools/tree/master/SpritePackerConsole


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Most texture packers also support compressed textures and "extrude" operation to make linear filtering work with non-premultiplied alpha.

Btw, there's WIP runtime atlas for pixi: https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-super-atlas . Sample code: https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-super-atlas/blob/master/test/checkpack.ts

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