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Beginner - Using PIXI.Matrix to perform zoom has strange initial behavior


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The code is available here https://jsbin.com/hazogar/edit?html,js,output

What I do not understand is that initial behavior is not correct, past the first zoom, it will jump/jag then be proper to zoom to a point of the object.

I am zooming content inside container, so what am I missing ?

var initZoom = function(app, objectDocument) {
  var inZoomMode = true;
  var content = objectDocument.view;
  var container = objectDocument.board;
  var scale = { x: content.scale.x, y: content.scale.y };
  var zoom = function(x, y, isZoomIn) {
    var globalPosition = app.renderer.plugins.interaction.eventData.data.global;
    if (!globalPosition) {
    var containerPosition = container.toLocal(globalPosition, app.stage);
    var contentPosition = content.toLocal(containerPosition, container);
    var direction = isZoomIn ? 1 : -1;
    var factor = (1 + direction * 0.01);
    var nextScaleX = content.scale.x * factor;
    var nextScaleY = content.scale.y * factor;
    var p = contentPosition;
    console.debug('>> P', p.x, p.y);
    var mat = new PIXI.Matrix();
    mat.translate(-p.x, -p.y);
    mat.scale(nextScaleX, nextScaleY);
    mat.translate(p.x, p.y);
  documentView.on('mousewheel', function(e, delta) {
    if (!inZoomMode) {
    zoom(e.clientX, e.clientY, delta > 0);

Thank you!

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content.pivot.set(0, 0);

That one helps if you put it before calculation of contentMousePosition . 

We also need to add something to compensate pivot change.

This is code from one of my projects. I fix the global point that wont move in local coords - push it, and then pop it.

class CameraMover extends PIXI.Container {
memCoord = new PIXI.Point();
memCoord2 = new PIXI.Point();

pushPivot(pos) {
	this.toLocal(pos, null, this.memCoord);

popPivot(pos) {
	this.toLocal(pos, null, this.memCoord2);
	this.pivot.x -= this.memCoord2.x - this.memCoord.x;
	this.pivot.y -= this.memCoord2.y - this.memCoord.y;

//somewhere else

You can do the same thing, and in that case you wont need to set pivot to zero.

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:) absolute beginner with PIXI, yes, had solid flash background a while ago, miss it very much!

I love PIXI so far, but how I arrived at this is through known patterns, I wanted to try CreateJS but the community of PIXI is unbeatable, these two projects should actually join hands!

Coming back, why can't one do this directly on display objects ?

node.pivot.set(downLocation.x, downLocation.y);
node.scale.set(scaleX, scaleY);
node.pivot.set(0, 0);

I have tried with transformation matrix, but it was still not working after introducing the content.pivot.set(0, 0)

Thank you Ivan, very useful information, I do not use ES6 so I had to extend that container a bit different, hopefully nothing wrong with it:

var ZoomableContainer = (function() {
  var ct = function() {
  ct.prototype.constructor = ct;
  ct.prototype = Object.create(PIXI.Container.prototype);
  ct.prototype.pushPivot = function(pos) {
    if (!this.memCoordinates) {
      this.memCoordinates = new PIXI.Point();
    this.toLocal(pos, null, this.memCoordinates);
  ct.prototype.popPivot = function(pos) {
    var coordinates = new PIXI.Point();
    this.toLocal(pos, null, coordinates);
    this.pivot.x -= coordinates.x - this.memCoordinates.x;
    this.pivot.y -= coordinates.y - this.memCoordinates.y;
  return ct;

And then I use it as you instructed, in the end I have managed to have this code working, I was unable to compute the new positions, but found a formula to get the delta according to zoom level:

var inZoomMode = true;
var initZoom = function(app, content ) {
  var level = 1;
  var amount = 1.1;
  var zoomTo = function(level, p) {
    content.scale.x *= level;
    content.scale.y *= level;
    content.x -= (p.x - content.x) * (level - 1);
    content.y -= (p.y - content.y) * (level - 1);
  documentView.on('mousewheel', function(e, delta) {
    if (!inZoomMode) {
    var globalData = app.renderer.plugins.interaction.eventData.data;
    if (!globalData || !globalData.global) {
    var zoomIn = delta > 0;
    var zoomFactor = zoomIn ? amount : (1 / amount);
    zoomTo(zoomFactor * level, globalData.global);

The zoomTo function inside the init zoom is all there is (I am using jquery-mousewheel to normalize mouse delta)

PS: The forum does not let me save code as JavaScript



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