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Phaser Audio problems using Ludei Cocoonjs


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I'm trying to port my game to mobile using ludei's cocoonjs. When playing my game in a browser, (in chrome, Edge, FF), the audio in the game works fine.

Opening the game in the Cocoon Developer App (using the Cavas+ option), none of audio is found. I get errorr such as: Phaser.Cache.getSound: Key "Orcs" not found in Cache. 

All the audio files are in my preload state i.e.  game.load.audio("Orcs", ["assets/sounds/Orcs.mp3"]);  And again, all the audio works fine in a regular browser.

Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution?

One more note - the audio does work when using the Webview option in the Cocoon Dev App. However, I'd rather use the Canvas+ since everything I read said that's the better option for html5 games all contained within a canvas.


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