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multi-views and scene.pick


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1 - It may be a bug, but when I have two viewpoint, I can no longer click on the objects in the scene with scene.pick( ). as if the viewpoint 2 (mini-map) had covered the entirety of the canvas by over the scene.


2- It would be useful to have also the possibility of deleted a point of view of the scene. For exemple, I selected on camera 2 (with Gizmo), it shows me one points of view of this camera, if I selected a box, I deleted this point of view of the camera 2. But I have not succeeded in tested this, because the objects are no longer selectable as I pointed out in this post.


Thank you Deltakosh

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Here are the examples. The 2 scenes on a scene.pick() with an alert() when you click on a box.


The first scene is with the multi-views and if you click on a box, nothing this past.
Scene 1


The next scene is exactly the same without the multi-view and if you click on a box, you will get the alert( 'Box selected: Ok').
Scene 2

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I've just pushed a bug fix on github.

Now the scene.pick has the following signature:


 BABYLON.Scene.prototype.pick = function (x, y, predicate, fastCheck, camera) {        /// <summary>Launch a ray to try to pick a mesh in the scene</summary>        /// <param name="x">X position on screen</param>        /// <param name="y">Y position on screen</param>        /// <param name="predicate">Predicate function used to determine eligible meshes. Can be set to null. In this case, a mesh must be enabled, visible and with isPickable set to true</param>        /// <param name="fastCheck">Launch a fast check only using the bounding boxes. Can be set to null.</param>        /// <param name="camera">camera to use for computing the picking ray. Can be set to null. In this case, the scene.activeCamera will be used</param>
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