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Character Controller in JavaScript


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Hi, there,


I'm looking for a 3D physics library in JavaScript, which has kinda Kinematic Character Controller and Height Map(aka Height Field), like this video.


I expect, player will:


- not slip down on gentle slopes

- slip down on steep slopes

- not jump after though uphills

- not slow down during ascending slopes

- hit walls


Dose anyone know it? Thanks,

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Hi there.  PlayCanvas can do that easily - it uses a custom build of ammo.js internally.  For example, check this out:




And the project is here:


https://playcanvas.com/playcanvas/physics (you'll need to log in to play with it)


That has a simple dynamic character controller in it.  You can also select the dynamic bodies and throw them around.  It probably took about an hour to build that scene in PlayCanvas.  Feel free to fork the project and turn it into something else.  Or use the script code as a starting point.  Have fun and hope that helps!  :)

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