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How to Import Mesh withoud adding it to the scene


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Hello everyone, 

I have two questions about the SceneLoader.ImportMesh()  function. 

1- Does it import objects including their materials or should we do it by ourselves in the callback body ? 

 I tried importing  object from  a babylon file (generated with 3DsMax plugin including  materials) but the Mesh in babylon scene has no mateiral !


2- The meshes are added automatically to the scene (given as an argument to the importScene function).

But I wish to import the objects and then have the control to add the desired mesh with Scene.addMesh(newMesh)

Is that possible ? 






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As for material, are you sure the material is supported by BJS and the 3ds max exporter? 
Any console errors?

As for imported mesh,

Simply "add" the newMesh to a predefined variable, array or object.

In import code;

Hide or disable mesh.

When you need the mesh, un-hide/un-disable or clone or instance it via the predefined var/array/obj :)

PG example; http://playground.babylonjs.com/#PR5SWB#1
(Wait for skull to load, might take a few moments, click on canvas to enable/disable.)
if you un-comment line 16, the skull will be disabled on scene load.

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