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Graphics objects and WebGL


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A while ago I made an outrun type racing game with pixi.js v2.2.9, using graphics objects to render the road and ground polygons. This meant I had to use the Canvas renderer because with the webgl renderer I'd have had to re-upload all the graphics objects to the GPU every frame as they constantly changed shape. I'm now thinking of making a similar game so I just wanted to check whether graphics objects are now rendered differently with webgl in the latest version of pixi? In which case I might be able to modify the vertex positions of graphics objects at run time while running the webgl renderer without worrying  about the impact on performance?

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Yes they changed shape, it was an outrun type 'psuedo-3D' game so each road segment was constantly modified for perspective, especially when going around bends. Something like this:


If I recall correctly, at the time graphics objects were drawn using the stencil buffer under the webGL renderer, which also meant their edges could not be smoothed. Is this still how it works?

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Their edges can be smoothed, just not as good as in canvas. Yeah, that seems to be a problem.

You better use Mesh instead, and not many meshes, but a big one. You really have to make your own management for indices, UV's and vertices. It will be much faster than canvas graphics if you make it right :)

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