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Fix position after scale


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Hi guys.

I'm trying to do a "zoom in" effect on a GUI_Object. But when scaling the image leaves the original collision field. How to keep the image centered with the collision field of the button?


Before click:


After click:



game.UI.ButtonInit = me.GUI_Object.extend({
    init: function (x, y, image) {
        this._super(me.GUI_Object, "init", [x, y, { image: image, }]);

        this.anchorPoint.set(0, 0);
        this.floating = false;

    onClick: function () {
        this._super(me.Sprite, "scale", [.8, .8]);

    update: function () {
        return true;

    draw: function (renderer) {
        this._super(me.GUI_Object, "draw", [renderer]);


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If you are using the collision shapes for pointer events, you can create a plugin to patch me.input.globalToLocal() to apply the same scaling transformation. This won't make the debugPanel render the collision shapes scaled, but your plugin could also patch the debugPanel's draw method to apply the scaling transformation, if you needed to.

If, however, you aren't using pointer events, why would you want to scale the collision shapes at all?

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this should be fixed in the latest dev branch (-> 5.1 to be released within a few days), here an link to the latest build :


make sure to also update the debugPanel to the latest version if you want to give it a try before the release :


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i thinks this is still not fixed

var scale =
   mul : 1,

this.TweenScale = new me.Tween(scale).to({mul:1.01}, 500).
   this.scale(scale.mul, scale.mul);


here is the result, see the big purple circle, when scaling its position changed

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