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"Killed" Sprite of a "Destroyed" Group


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1. I created a group groupA in the game.
2. I created a sprite spriteA and added it to groupA.
3. After that I kill() spriteA and keep its reference in a pool array for later use.
4. I destroy() groupA.
5. I get the spriteA from the pool array to be used in another group and try to change its texture with loadTexture(),
    I get error: 

phaser2.8.8.js:46794 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cache' of null
    at Phaser.Sprite.loadTexture (

That doesn't happen if I don't destroy the group in step 4.

Could anyone please explain what is going on and what is the right way to reuse Sprites even when their container parents are destroyed?

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