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PBR, cameraContrast, cameraExposure


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We have a few questions concerning the cameraExposure and cameraContrast properties on PBRMaterial.

Have these properties been lost during the update to 3.1 ?

It would be something like this :


Here, the spheres have the same contrast and exposure. I think it was not the case before.

Also, we love the new workflow for PBR (specular glossy and metallic roughness), but it does not expose this property at all. Is there a way to achieve this kind of result with the new workflow ?


note : we kinda did it through

material["_imageProcessingConfiguration"].contrast = v;

But it tends to cause WebGL warnings (INVALID_VALUE: uniformBlockBinding: invalid uniform block index) and randomly overexpose our scene.


Thanks a lot for your help ! We'd take any info you have about this properties,

Best regards,



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