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Highlighter not working in VR


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@DeltakoshThe bug is related to specifying a VR camera in highlighter options.

If I comment out line 39 (camera option) then the highlighter works as expected.  Additionally, if I am using a regular FreeCamera then it also works as expected.

I think the issue is here (and on line 430):


The cameras are the "same" camera, but not seen as the "same".  Their ids are: "WebVRCamera_L" and "WebVRCamera".

This code will fix the left camera to be working, but not right.

if (this.activeCamera !== scene.activeCamera &&
    (this.activeCamera.leftCamera && this.activeCamera.leftCamera !== scene.activeCamera)) {

I think though, a better check would involve checking RigMode and a way on the camera classes themselves to determine equality. So, maybe better for someone more familiar with this code? I'm probably going to switch my highlighter code to GUI anyway, but wanted to share the cause + resolution.

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