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3ds max exporter - Skeleton exportation


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Hi all,
Not really a bug per se, more of an slight annoyance.

At the moment, skeletons are exported on a per-skin basis,
i have 2 babylon files, each with 2 meshes that use the same bones & animations,

so each file ends up having 2 exact copies of the same skeleton & animations.

So far i've been manually removing the second skeleton and setting the skeletonId for mesh_2 to 0, saving 600-800 KB in each file, which isn't much ofcourse, but it all adds up :P 
and since the exporter is compiled, i have no clue about fixing it.

Do you think it would it be possible to add a checkbox  to the exporter window and then only export unique skeletons once and re-use it if further mesh(es) uses the completely same bones?
I would much prefer cloning after import than loading twice ^^


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