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Android Webview doesn't load images of pixijs app


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My images/textures won't load when I am usng Andoid's webview to create an android app. Any ideas? I use Android studio.

html/javascript code and file structure of android studio's project:


Main activity:




It's probably something obvious but could not find the solution.

Many thanks



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"fromImage" creates and image element and waits for it to load. You can try to write it manually to test whats wrong there, its just a few lines. Most of those problems come from CORS violations.

Alternatively, you can just go for workaround: place invisible <image>'s all over the page and use "Texture.fromCanvas" instead.

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Thanks Ivan.

In case anyone else needs it in the future, I followed xerver's advise in

I used something like:

var img = new Image();img.src = 'images/f1.png';var base = new PIXI.BaseTexture(img),    texturef = new PIXI.Texture(base);


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