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Phaser 1.1.4. missing SAT.js


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Hi everyone,


After cloning the github repo for phaser and switching to dev and running the "grunt build" I noticed the following:


The resulting dist/phaser.js requires SAT.js (found in examples/wip) to be included in the game as a script tag before the inclusion of phaser.js.


Otherwhise phaser crashes with:


Uncaught ReferenceError: SAT is not defined phaser.js:38028:26  Phaser.Physics.Arcade phaser.js:38028:26

So I guess the buildscript isn't up to date?


I know that 1.1.4. is under development, but I want to use it so maybe find some bugs and see if other bugs are already fixed.

Is there a place (dev-documentation or something) that I missed, that would have told me I needed to include the SAT.js?


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I don't ever use the build files during development, so this isn't totally surprising. Most I work out of the wip folder, where each JS file is included separately and I can just append any other testing / external ones to the index.php file. When 1.1.4 reaches a stage where I need to solicit feedback then I'll do a fresh build and push that (like I did with all the recent tilemap updates).


I will merge the stand-alone SAT.js into the core shortly, I just ran out of time before the weekend really and didn't want to risk leaving several commits un-pushed on my PC.

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Hi Rich,


Thanks for clearing that up.


It does make sense I guess, since the one big phaser.js file is not really debugging friendly :)

(At least webstorm isn't too happing handling it. - it can handle, but it's not as smooth as smaller files.)

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Hmm it's definitely included! Simple test, but open phaser.js in a text editor and search for SAT.Response and you should find all the definitions for it. If you're trying to use it in a project that uses requireJS then you may need to edit out its UMD wrapper first. But if you're just embedding the js file standalone it should be fine.

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I know I am incredibly annoying....

But I downloaded the latest Phaser (A complete newbie) and I get this. I am using AMD, actually, I have no idea why I am using AMD, it was selected by default. I compile to a single core.js file.  I am using TS 0.9.5 in Visual Studio Express 2013. 


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