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"Not an instance of Phaser.Game" Problems


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I just updated from Phaser 2.8.0 to 2.9.1 and I've got some complications that I don't know how to solve best.

I'm using states in different js files with the object BasicGame to hold the states. In BasicGame.Play I create various items of a certain sprite class I wrote. Until now, I did it like this:

var c = new x_collectible(this);

So "this" is an instance of BasicGame.Play. With the new update, I got an error along the lines of "The value passed as the `game` argument ([object Object]) is not an instance of Phaser.Game.". I went ahead and tried to change it to:

var c = new x_collectible(this.game);

It worked, but now I'm having trouble accessing functions or variables of my BasicGame.Play state from within the collectible class. Before I used "this.game.variable" or "this.game.function()". 

What would be a proper solution to this? Adding BasicGame to the arguments when creating a collectible? Adding an isntance BasicGame as an attribute to my Phaser.Game and then do "this.game.BasicGame.Play.variable"?

These don't really seem very practical to me...

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function x_collectible(game) {	
    Phaser.Sprite.call(this, game, 0, 0, "x_collectibles", 0);
	this.value = 0;
	this.sfx = {};
	this.sfx["heart"] = this.game.sfx_collectibles["heart"];
	this.sfx["superheart"] = this.game.sfx_collectibles["superheart"];
	this.sfx["mine"] = this.game.sfx_collectibles["mine"];
	this.sfx["ice"] = this.game.sfx_collectibles["ice"];

x_collectible.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype);
x_collectible.prototype.constructor = x_collectible;

the "this.game." calls are those that I don't know how to fix after the change.

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If you just need to reach the current state, you can do

function x_collectible(game) {
  // …
  this.state = this.game.state.getCurrentState();
  // …

and thereafter, e.g., 

// in x_collectible

If you get confused, just do console.log(this.game, this.state) to see what's what.

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