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Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move tutorial or code base


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I know this might be repetitive  but does anyone know where I can find a tutorial on how to make(or codebase) a bubble blaster type game in Phaser?  I see a lot of Phaser games based on this so I know it must be out there some where.  I've seen other JS tutorials but I hoping for a Phaser specific one.

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If you dont find one,
look what you need in your game, learn how to use it and create your own game, i think is the best way too learn.
If you juste want a copy/past and never fall, you can't learn.
I never say you just want Copy/Past :lol:

I start phaser 3 days ago, the first thing i do is:
What a i need for my game: 
Start -> timer start -> action by click (2 states true or false)
if true -> function doTrue(){} // animation for my player and TimeBar, timerBar ++
if false -> function doFalse() // animation for my timBar,  timeBar--

You need define what you need, what states can take your actions and what is the order for Actions/Events 

Create a logical time line for your game  and after you can dev it with the docs like that:
mhhh how to create a buble with physics :huh:? docs -> Phaser.Physics.ARCADE or P2
Ok i need ARCADE, so how apply physics on my bubule bullet -> docs / google


I hope this will help you .


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