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Any updated tutorial using multiple states on the Horizon?


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Hey all,


I've been working on other projects and starting a new job so my plan to port a game I wrote in Enchant.js over to Phaser has been on hold.  Before I stopped work, I got the gameplay itself working, but got stalled trying to implement a proper splash screen and a menu/configuration page.  My time is about to free up some, and I am interested in going back to work on the above-mentioned port.


I know Phaser is not very opinionated and lets you do things the way you like to do it, which is cool.  However, I am looking for an approach that follows the ideal as Rich perceives things, perhaps particularly something using the upcoming new, improved state manager.  I can't find anything new in this regard and the older basic example seems a bit lacking (or maybe it's just me, I dunno).


So, has anyone created something along these lines that they can share, or does anyone know if the Photon Storm team is working on something like this?

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There is a template that has Boot Preloader Menu Game on the repo phaser / resources / Project Templates / Basic


Stole that from another thread, because I couldn't remember where the template was...

It has these states:

Boot - load in the images for the preloader, and set a few default values for things like screen size and stuff.

Preloader - Preloads the assets for the game, and can have a nifty animation as you go. Good for splash screens.

MainMenu - As it sounds, this is the main menu, whose sole purpose is to be main, and menu-y

Game - What goes in here is what you already have, just in phaser form.

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initial Rich post : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1372-phaser-function-order-reserved-names-and-special-uses/

some conceptual infos so far : https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/wiki/Phaser-General-Documentation-:-Game


I'll write up something more special about Stages soon

I need to read back many answered posts on this topic and to read the code to understand well how it works before writing

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@Jerome: Yes I've read the state tutorial -  worth reading, and the links to other articles too.  I have also read that post by Rich.


@ XekeDeath: Yes I've looked that BasicGame template, and it is helpful.


Thanks to both of you for your responses.  I am looking for more.  Maybe I am asking for too much, but these resources don't quite hit the mark for me.  I would love to see a really fleshed out template, perhaps from a portion of an actual game that Rich has published, using Phaser.


Hey, I can ask. :)


However, it has been some time since I looked at the all of the aforementioned except for the state tutorial of course, which is new.  I will go back and look at them again.  Perhaps with fresh eyes I will find that they are enough.  Thanks again guys.

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