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I don't knowhow to program but I want to create some games...


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Hello to everybody,

I am new here and I want to ask you some suggestions to begin this adventure with Phaser. I have realized some games with software like Click&Create or Multimedia Fusion, and last I'm studing Stencyl. I believed to have acquired a minimum of logic in "how to program" but I don't know no computer languagge (example Javascript). Now I wonder me if to program with Phaser I must learn rally 100% Javascript. What I must learn to use Phaser? Is the learning curve short or long? What do you suggestions feel to give me to begin this adventure in the Phaser world?
Thank you!

PS: sorry for my english!

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Yep, Phaser is a Javascript framework, so you'll need to know JS to work with it.

However, this is good in lots of ways. Phaser follows JS best practise so you don't have to learn too much DSL (domain specific language) to get it to work i.e. if you know JS then you already know how to use Phaser, it is then just a matter of learning some patterns that Phaser leverages to make the development cycle easier, faster and more predictable.

The real good news is that I reckon you can use Phaser to help you learn JS i.e. learn Phaser and JS at the same time i.e i.e. create a Phaser game as a means to learn about JS. To do this well you'll probably have to spend a little bit of time learning JS fundamentals, but, the good good news here is that JS fundamentals are pretty easy (as programming goes) to learn i.e. you'll be up and running and showing things on the screen really quickly (later on, possibly much later on, you'll realise that this ease-of-use is also a bad thing, but don't worry about it for now).

There are many many good (and plenty of bad) online resources for getting started with JS. This is also a rewarding journey, a tough one (learning to program computers is intrinsically hard, no matter how you do it) but a rewarding one.

Logic is most of the battle with programming and it sounds like you have a decent footing already. JS syntax is usually fairly straight forward although the language is still growing so there is more of it than there used to be. JS syntax is fairly similar to much of C or C++ and many other languages also start from this syntactic base so hopefully you won't find it too difficult to pick up.

Good luck if you decide to learn programming, welcome to the fold!

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