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Draw image/sprite warped like in Slick2D?


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Can we do something like Image.drawWarped (link goes to the javadoc of slick2d) with pixi.js?

It gave devs the possibility to define where to render the 4 corners of an image with absolute x, y locations and it automatically skewed the image to fit in. I guess it just redefined the points of the triangles used to render the image or something like that. (I'm not that fit with gl, thats why I use pixi.js.^^)


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You can even convert your own sprite class into it, there's "convert2d" function for containers/sprites that adds necessary fields.

"2d" is for sprites that use 3x3 matrix instead of pixi default 3x2, performance is the same as a simple sprite.

"2s" is for general curves, in my case, billinear, its slower because of special calculations in fragment shader, math is just harder.

I'm using TS for all of my plugins.

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