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Fps in computer (60fps) x mobile (6fps)


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Hi Everyone

I´am working on the first experimental game and I do not know whats influences the speed of rendering.

Would you like to know if there is a possibility of reducing the quality of rendering with the aim of improve performance? 

If yes, what is the best way?
Link to my game experiences (Please, ignore a lot of errors in the code :) ) : http://criasis.com.br/games/gameballs/gameballs4.html
Thanks for listening. Sorry for my bad english.

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It's currently too difficult to read on your site. Please put it in a playground scene, and we'll definitely be able to improve performance. But as it is currently, it's too hard to read through easily in the console - and no one has time to copy and paste your scripts to where they can easily be debugged.



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Welcome. Lots of topics on optimization on the forum here is one

Techniques for optimizing in one situation can be transfered to another. A search in q & a and in demos and projects for optimize or optimization or optimizing should bring up a few suggestions.

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