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Choosing a library, server language, general stuff


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Important game points

  • Toss up between top down rpg/adventure (snes zelda, secret of mana) with management games
  • Should have quasy multiplayer, meaning that client deals with representation and server does everything else 
  • Procedurally generated for the most part, using tilesets or tilesections
  • Gamepad friendly. Both X360 and DS4

How I plan to approach it

  • Step by step, spread across mini-games and mini projects
  • For starters, an idle game featuring the procgenned skill system
  • Everything barebones regarding graphics untill the very end

The main issues/worries I have

  • Not sure between Cocos2d-x and PixiJS, or perhaps something else entirely, for the graphical representation
  • What language for server side of things? Anything is fine for me, as long as its the (near)best solution
  • I'd like to tackle the server part early on to know how to approach everything else

I wrote a bunch of stuff, then cut it down to bullet points as no one needs to read useless shit. I have no monetary expectations. I have an artist lined up who would do the gfx if I ever make something proper (can invest in some already done assets aswell). I do have experience modding various games and doing general coding across various languages (mini sites, apps and the like for my own amusement). I'm quick learning, adaptive and too old to have delusions of grandeur and will rather treat this as a hobby that eats a big part of my free time.

Anyways, hope some of you have some suggestions and know limitations of various libraries and practices involved. I have nothing to offer in return except gratitude.

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