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Does mesh size affect performance


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nope ;) You can scale them as much as you want


To be more precise: if you are running on a low end device you may have perf issue because the GPU will have to draw more pixels due to the fact that the mesh can use more pixel to be drawn. But it should be REALLY minor as most of the time all screen pixels are always covered

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I like that question.  It's deep.

Here's what I know about GPU "pixel painting":

At the beginning of a BJS frame render, the GPU allocates about 3 railroad tankers full of a clear, viscous, bison-snot-like substance... called "Charge-Chromography Multi-Pigment Pixel-Base" (better known as "mPIG").  It uses a special spray nozzle which charges the mPIG molecules... which causes them to oscillate to a certain color spectrum, and then freeze themselves at that point.  Essentially, voltage-controlled paint colors... set at the spray nozzle. 

It's a nice invention for ink pens, too, which, forever, will have a tiny watch battery (after mPIG is invented).  The new pens are also wifi/bluething transmitters,  sending a unique ID (with current mPIG color-voltage value) and an X and Y value.  You can listen-in... to another person's pen, from across the room.  :)   You can put a tiny wheeled-robot... a pen-listener "paint-car"... onto a piece of paper.  Once it "tunes-into" a wireless mPEN signal, it will drive-around on the paper, peeing-out whatever the cross-room pen... is writing.  Same mPIG colors, too.  Wow, huh? 

Those little mPIG writer-bots need mPIG refuel after about 10 minutes of writing, depending upon line width/weight.  They are the size of a bottle cap.

The "point" is... a perf-heavy mPIG tanker-car swap-out can happen... IF you use more than 3 tankers of mPIG.  That is unlikely, for a single frame-render.

Ok, that's that.  Pardon?  You say that you don't believe ANY of that?  hunh.  ;)

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