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custom colors material[solved]


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Let's explain my problem. 

I have an array of points. 


Tasks: 1. Create a mesh according to input points. It was simple, using CreateRibbon. 

             2. Add a material to mesh, according to input points height. I found a few option:

- gradient Material

- terrain Material 

- custom Material

- or adding color property direct to the vertex data, like here http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#VKBJN#104


Personally, I prefer last option, but I don't understand to  good how colors works :(

I am willing to try any option. :D. I feel like and idiot because I think it's not too complicate. 


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Hi. I know I marked it as solved but I have one more question  on this subject. :)))


If I use a standard material on ribbon, it keeps the colors previously set. But if i set a grid material it loses its settings. 

Can I force it to keep colors, or I have to modify grid shader?



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