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Syncing Shader Speed Per Different Client Update Rates


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So, now I am getting to the point in my project where I need to ensure that the speeds of the animations are consistent per client and do not drastically change with fps changes.

I was thinking of passing a uniform of a targetFPS, and a currentFPS.

so lets say the target FPS is 60, and the current fps is 30 which means the animations should play at twice the "time" value in order to keep up with a client updating at 60 fps.

So I guess something like:

float rate = targetFPS/currentFPS;
then when I do my time equation multiply the time by the rate?

This is just theory and before I go about testing it I wanted to get others opinions on the idea.

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My only example currently working are the shader based "grand entrances" of teleport & poof.  They done by the first 2 models here.

The code is not obvious using shader builder, but in a beforerender, I am setting the uniform time.  Since these shaders are are short lived, so they are getting a maximum of a value * percent complete, not actually the time.  Does not make them a perfect example, but is close.  No framerate is involved when determining percent, just timestamp subtraction.

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