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Problem with transparency in tilemap


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So I loaded a tilemap into my phaser game. They are based around 32x32 pixel blocks. I have some tiles that don't use the full 32x32 size, and when rendered in Phaser it shows part of it as white instead of transparent.


Is there a way to fix this? Or do I just need to make all my tiles 32x32?

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So even though the tileset is a png they won't be transparent?

What do you mean edit them in an art package? Does that mean I need to do something in between making the map and Tiled and loading it into my Phaser game?

Thanks for the reply. Sorry if this has been covered. I couldn't find a solution. 

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The PNG above (the rats one) has a transparent background. It has been saved out correctly as a PNG-24. The tileset PNG a few posts above that has a white background.

Open the tileset PNG in to Photoshop and color pick the background. It's solid white. It has no transparency at all. Fix that, and it'll display properly in-game.


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