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When to use weapon plugin - can bulletpools be shared?


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I'm currently in the process of making my first game having completed the zenva course and am confused by the weapon plugin. My game is a platformer shootemup type, where there will be the player and multiple enemies shooting a variety of ammo types.

The zenva course covers making bulletpools and sharing them between enemy sprites, but does not mention the weapon plugin. On the face of it the weapon plugin looks great, sorting out a whole load of features neatly. However if each enemy has its own weapon tracking it, does that mean that it then gets its own bullet pool, all of which then need to be destroyed once the enemy is killed? This seems to somewhat defeat the point of the bullet pool.

My question is then:

  1. can the bullet pools be shared between enemies OR
  2. should I just rely on the entire bulletpool being recycled along with the enemy itself as it is itself pooled OR
  3. should I just not bother with the weaponplugin at all?

Any help or suggestions much appreciated,

Thanks, Gordon

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