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Babylon exporter for Maya ?


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Is there an exporter for Maya planned for development?

Considering most game artists and studios work in Maya, wouldn't Maya exporter be good to have than 3DMax?


Any full-proof way to take scene designed in Maya (including PBR material setup ) to 3D Max with no or minimal loss? (which then can be exported to Babylon)

We tried export FBX and 'Send to 3D Max' method (For Maya to 3DMax). Although materials/textures are preserved in Max, they don't appear in Material editor. (So if some small change is to be made in material, you have to assign new material and make fresh setup) 

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Hi @dsman

A maya exporter is already planned, https://github.com/BabylonJS/Exporters/issues/5

While waiting for that,
In 3ds max, if the materials are attached to your mesh(es), but doesn't show up in the material editor, 
Open material editor ->
Click on "Material" menu tab ->
Click on "Pick from object" ->
Then click on your mesh. 

a material should now be showing up in the material editor :) 

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