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How to Clone a Loaded Mesh on Demand


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Hello everyone!

I am making a multiplayer game where I need to load players on demand whenever they come into the game. I have tried searching for hours but nothing seems to be working, so I came here. The closest thing to what I need was from here but it still doesn't really work for me and here's why. 

I need to clone a mesh on 

//called when a new player other than yourself joins
socket.on('New Player', function(data) {

and on

//list of current players when you first join
socket.on('listoplayers', function(data) {

I have loaded the player mesh in an assetsManager and I would like to clone this mesh in these functions. Is there a way to this or a way around doing this? 

Also, here is the playground from the other topic: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8XUNI%234

Hopefully, I explained that properly and if not, I'll explain in the comments.

Thank you!

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Something like this?:


I pushed the loaded mesh into a global array. This way, the mesh can be called from any function outside the createScene, successCallback etc. functions. (For instance, in your socket events).

I assume your players don't connect until After the scene has loaded, but you could simply check whether or not the model is populated in the array. If not, then load it (again).

It does look like the clone function automatically enables the mesh, so no need to setEnable(true).

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