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How to build Reel Game using HTML5 ?


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Uhm, I hate to bitch around bit imho the article is one of the bad ones. Appearently, the author doesn't know very much about the stuff he's writing about.
A few things:

In order to create the game in HTML5, we will need a .Net resource to take care of the web service/WCF service, HTML5 (Java script +JQuery + CSS) for the UI development and graphic resource to create assets for the game.

Honestly? I have no idea what he's talking about there. Don't be afraid, you do NOT have to use anything related to .Net for creating HTML5 games.


The most challenging part of a reel game is to take care of the reel spinning effect.  Once we take care of it, all other tasks are relatively easy.

Uhm... yeah. Again: what the hell is he talking about?! And what is a "reel game" in the first place? Does he mean "Real Game"? Are there even unreal games? Or does he mean "reel" like in "Show Reel" - a demo/compilation of projects you have already done, mostly used in the video production scene? I have no idea... :(


Animation will be taken care by the JQuery and CSS3 as it has few tags.

Oh god please no.


We can use REST in WCF/web service (we will use Jason).

I do know a Jason, too. He's a very nice guy. But I think the author propably wanted to write JSON. Well, nevermind.


HTML5 might create a debugging nightmare.  Many errors occur on the runtime.  It is not a language which can compile the code and provide list of issues.

Erm... whoa. HTML5 is not a programming language in any way. You use it to create a static document structure. What you use to bring logic and dynamic to your document is JavaScript. You also use JavaScript to create your HTML5 games.

Yes, a lot of errors will appear on runtime, dependend on your personal skill level. But don't worry, even the best programmers have runtime bugs (and no compiler can help you getting rid of them). But don't worry! There are a couple of very nice debugging tools to help you over it.


At this time HTML5 doesn’t support 3D animation.

It does.



There are  a lot more points I could argue about but I don't have all day for this :D
Lets just conclude that you should not follow the suggestions and information in this article.


My suggestion: Take a look over here. Or here. Or here.




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