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How to make facial expressions?


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I have a human mesh and I'd like to easily change the facial expression on the mesh.  I'm trying to find a program that will let me do that without having to move the vertices myself.

I had a play with Daz3D.  It works well.  All you need is to make sure your mesh has the same topology as one of their figures (like Genesis 8) then you can use all the facial morph tools to change its expression.  It just works.  Unfortunately Daz3D licensing doesn't allow people to use a derivative of their model for commercial purposes, so I need to find something else.  I will probably switch to using Makehuman meshes but I'd still need a tool that will allow me to change facial expressions of my Makehuman-type mesh

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12 minutes ago, Gio said:

Daz3D's standard license doesn't allow you to do that, but you can buy a game developer license from their website precisely for that purpose, see here:


Not very cheap though

The Game Developer's license doesn't exist anymore, that's why all the links return 404

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Sorry, my bad. It is called an "Interactive License" these days.

Their website is very confusing, but I believe the Ineractive License is essentially what the Game Developer license used to be. Except that you need to purchase this per item rather than buying an expensive one that covers all your models.

For example if you go to get Genesis 3, there's an additional box you can tick for the Interactive License (just below the add to cart button). But again, not very cheap.

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You could do morph target blending or something...

So you have models
A - Base Head
B - Smiling
C - Frowning

and all of the models need to have the same vertex count.

Then you create a control object that has 0-1 values for each of the expressions then you blend the locations of the vertices by the control objects values and apply to the mesh.  If you set it up correctly you could even allow the values to go past 100% because you would be comparing the base meshes vertices to another models vertices locations and this can be a vector3 ratio.

It would be quite a bit of work, but that's one way.  If you did it any other way without reference models the math would be stupid...


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