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1.1.4 Tilemaps


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Can someone provide an example of everything needed to destroy a Tilemap? Visually, I am not having trouble with it, but there are a ton of Phaser.Tile objects in the heap when I switch levels/maps. I have tried so many things, and have checked the source in the dev branch for the last few days, and can't seem to be able to get this to stop, no matter what I try.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to see code, check here: http://play.reminiscencegame.com.

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They are definitely still there. After the 7th map load (on my laptop) the frame rate drops by around 5, and does so for each subsequent map load until it is in single digits, and memory usage just keeps going up. I've checked memory usage on every other object I am creating, and it only seems to happen with phaser.tile.

I am probably just doing something wrong when destroying the map and creating the new one, but I just can't figure out what in the world is causing it after playing with it for a few days.

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